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To Stage or Not To Stage

A good friend of mine just told me that they thought the formal staging of a property was dishonest….perhaps a misrepresentation of the real property….I have thought about it and here is what I know for sure…

If the appearance of a house is dirty, messy, disorganized, and in need of minor repairs the potential Buyer immediately begins to think….

  • If the Seller can’t clean or do minor repairs what other more major repairs might have been overlooked?
  • If I have to do a whole bunch of repairs that is going to be costly
  • There is so much clutter in here the rooms look so small

….and so on.

If the appearance of a house is clean, neat, organized and well maintained the Buyer is not distracted by all the clutter and can really get a feel for the space.  The fact that the Seller has taken time to ready the house for sale sets the tone for the sales process. 

Not everyone needs to professionally stage their house but there are many instances where a professional is a huge asset.

I believe the intent of staging is to help show each room as it is meant to be used and highlight the unique features of the space. 

The choice is yours!


Susan Oneid

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