201-1500 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON K1H 7Z2

Getting Ready to Buy

Your Needs – Now and in the Future

Here are some things to consider:


Special Features

Lifestyle and Stages

What Location Should You Choose

What type of home should you buy?

  • Single family detached
  • Single family semi-detached
  • Duplex
  • Row House (Townhouse)
  • Stacked Townhouse
  • Link or Carriage Home
  • Modular Home
  • Apartment

Forms of Ownership


Freehold means that person(s) on title own the land and house outright. There is no space co-owned or co-managed with owners of other units.


Condominium ownership means you own the unit you live in and share ownership rights for the common space of the building. Common space includes areas such as corridors, the grounds around the building, and facilities such as swimming pool, and recreation room. Condominium owners together control the common area through an owners’ association. The association makes decision about using and maintaining the common space. Condominium ownership is ownership of a unit, usually a high rise but can also be a townhouse or in a low rise.


Susan Oneid

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