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Dynamic Décor on a Budget…..

Don’t compromise style even if you don’t have the cash…Here are some helpful tips to add some pop to your rooms without putting a huge dent in your bank account.

  • Add a coat of paint or some wall paper to brighten up your space.  Wall paper in rich colours, textures or patterns can really make an accent wall beautiful.  If you are not into wall paper what about trying paint with an interesting finish like cashmere or suede to add some elegance?  Remember that quality products provide the best results. 
  • In the living room you can create instant luxury with some embroidered pillows and a richly textured throw in velvet or faux fur.  Shag rugs are back so why not try a modern fun splash of colour.  
  • Lamps can be pricey but you can give them a face lift by changing the shades.  One of my colleagues likes to hot glue beads on the edges of neutral tone shades to add some detail.   
  • Take a much loved piece of furniture and update it with new fabric and hardware or a coat of glossy paint in an accent colour. 
  • New linens and tons of pillows can liven up the bedroom.  Try a thick plush rug beside your bed so every time you step into or out of bed your feet are pampered with softness. 
  • Invest in some dimmer switches for your dining room, and bedroom….ambiance is everything! 
  • In the kitchen you can do a quick and easy update with a coat of paint and new hardware on the cabinetry.  Bright place mats or a table runner might be just the splash of colour you need!

So have some fun and beat the winter Blahs!


Susan Oneid

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