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Downsizing Or Right sizing?

However you spin it the job is HUGE. We decided to move to a smaller space as the last child made his way to university. In theory it sounded great but in practice 3 years later we are still unpacking and trying to decide what to keep and what to pitch.

So if I can offer any advice these might be my top 3:

  • Make each member of the household responsible for their own stuff. Give them a limited number of boxes according to what will fit into the new space and let them decide what will be important to them.
  • Give yourself permission to do the cull in stages. It is less painful that way and allows you time to process whether or not you will truly need the stuff you intend to keep.
  • If you absolutely can’t get your head around going through all your belongings by yourself ask a friend or family member to help or hire a professional. They have no emotional attachment to your things and will be able to guide you through the whole process.

After all is said and done a smaller space means less time cleaning!


Susan Oneid

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