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Do it yourself or hire a Professional?

In this day and age when we are all trying to make our dollars go farther there are many instances that we think “yes” I am going to tackle this home renovation project myself…You can do many things around your house yourself but in my opinion there are some things better left to a professional.

Electrical work:  SAFETY is the biggest concern here.  One mistake and you could be dealing with electrical shock and fire.  The Electrical Safety Authority lists 5 steps to protect you, your family and your house:

Know the rules – ask about the Ontario Electrical Safety Code requirements for electrical wiring and installations.

Ensure the power is off – always turn power off from the panel box, and use an approved tester to ensure power is off.

Use approved products – look for the mark of a recognized certification agency on electrical products.

If you are not familiar with your homes electrical system, or do not know who has done the electrical work in your home in the past, ESA recommends you consult a licensed electrical contractor about your homes electrical requirements.

Arrange to have your electrical work inspected – as required by the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

Roofing:  There is risk of injury any time you climb onto the roof (also sunburn but that is a long story about a pool hut roof and a young girl trying to earn some spending money!).  There are also serious issues that can arise if the job is not done properly- water damage, mold and foundation issues.

Plumbing:  One false move and the house is soaked…leaky pipes have been responsible for ceiling damage, buckled flooring  and many other  issues… mold,  rot and foundation issues.

Window installation:  It is great when you can find a deal on windows but just make sure they fit well.  Air leaks can make your living environment less comfortable and your utility bills higher!

HVAC (Heating Ventilation, Cooling and Air Conditioning):   Inefficient systems can lead to an environment that has poor air quality, unstable temperatures, and more expensive bills.  Safety also comes to mind as there are chemical and electrical components involved in HVAC repair that may require permits and building code adherence.

DIY or hire a Professional….Choose Wisely.


Susan Oneid

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