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Children Love Shopping For Houses

Seriously…most kids don’t. Many people feel that the children should be involved in the hunt for their new house. I tend to agree if their presence doesn’t take away from your ability to truly get a sense of the space you are viewing.

Here are a couple of options if you think your child will not be happy going from house to house:

  • Hire a baby sitter and leave the children at home
  • Hire a baby sitter to come with you so that the children can have a tour of the house then play outside with supervision allowing you to concentrate and really “see” the property.

If you would rather just use the house viewings as a teachable moment then there are a few rules for everyone to remember:

  • Take your shoes off in the foyer
  • Don’t touch the Sellers belongings (or jump on the beds, or play with the toys…)
  • Everyone sees the house together as a group…no wandering off

Let the hunt begin!


Susan Oneid

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