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Make Your Home More Cozy This Winter

Make Your Home More Cozy This Winter

Winter is the perfect time to make your home cozier. Since you’ll be spending more time inside this season, surround yourself with warmth. Below are several tips to make your spaces cozier all season long. If you’d like to redecorate your interiors, give me a call. I can connect you with an interior designer in […]

Reducing your Personal Debt

One of the most popular goals people make every year is to reduce their day. We are now halfway through the year, and many people have long forgotten that goal and continue to amass more debt. Focusing on tracking and reducing your debt, not necessarily eliminating it, is a great goal that will help reduce […]

Do You Need a Financial Planner?

A common misconception is that only multimillionaires bene t from the services of a financial planner, but the truth is many people will nd value in the advice of a financial expert. Read on to find out why you should work with a financial planner, how they can help you and the questions you should […]

How to Get the Home You Want

There really is a lot to do to prepare for buying a home. It’s not just about shopping for the right place, but rather about making sure all your homework is done so that when you do find the “perfect” home for you and your family, you are ready to write a strong offer and […]

Save Money this Winter!

It has already been one of the coldest winters in Ottawa in many years and we still have to get through February! I’m sure we are all tempted to crank the heat and hibernate until the warmer summer months. Resist the temptation, as that will really make a dent in our wallets with heating costs! […]

How do you choose a lot to build on?

By: Susan Oneid There is alot to think about when choosing a lot! Whether you are purchasing a residential lot in a subdivision or a house on a property you intend to tear down there are a few things you need to think about.